With FAO assistance, Vietnam started implementing IPM since 1992 to address pest problems and abuse of pesticides due to the lack of knowledge of farmers on crop management. Since 1994, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development established the National IPM Programme. The Department of Plant Protection is responsible for overall coordination of the implementation of the IPM Programme in all 63 provinces. At the provincial level,Plant Protection Sub Departments (PPSD) are in charge of managing the IPM programme and implementing FFS and follow-up activities. 

At commune level, the IPM-FFS alumni (especially the women) act as the core force to mobilize IPM training activities and disseminate IPM in their communes. The support of commune authorities and participation of civil society/people organizations play an important role in sustainable development of IPM in communes.

The objective of the National IPM Programme is to increase smallholder farmers’ knowledge and skills enabling them to make better-informed decisions in the management of their crop production systems that will lead to more sustainable production and greater farm-level benefits including human health and environmental protection. Whereas initially farmer training was funded from external donor sources, local governments at provincial level are now the major funding sources for IPM FFS training and the national government has provided policy directives enjoining local governments to implement action plans for the strengthening and scaling up of IPM in crop production for the period 2015-2020.


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Contact People:  

Government :

Name: Mr Hoang Trung
Title: Director General
Org: Plant Protection Department, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
Tel.: (84-4) 3851 3688
Fax: (84-4) 3533 0043


Name: Mr Nguyen Quy Duong
Title: Deputy Director General 
Org.: Plant Protection Department, MARD
Tel.: (84-4) 3533 1033
Fax: (84-4) 3533 0043

Non Government:

Name: Mr Pham Hoang Long
Title: Coordinator
Org: Center of Initiatives on Community Empowerment  and Rural Development
Tel: (84) 904900988



Name: Mr Albert T. Lieberg 
Title: FAO Representative
Tel.: (84-4) 3942 4208 
Fax: (84-4) 3942 3257


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