IPM and Marketing

IPM farmers are frequently asking how their extra efforts to grow under IPM can be rewarded through higher prices or more reliable access to markets. To do this, it is important to look beyond technical IPM issues at farm level and consider the whole supply chain. The training curriculum will need adjustments to incorporate basic knowledge on marketing and post-harvest to enable farmers to develop their marketing strategies. Not all IPM FFS alumni will move into marketing but for those who will, IPM Programmes must be able to provide the necessary support such as information and tools as well as practical approaches for marketing their produce.


More detailed information about marketing is available on: 
Horticultural Marketing - Marketing Extension Guide No. 5 from FAO, Rome. Provides detailed advice on marketing and post-harvest matters and suggests ways in which the extension worker can assist farmers to identify markets for their produce. 

Course of Agribusiness Management for Producers' Associations. An FAO training manual on how to run an agribusiness to help poor farmers turn into better business people.

The Marketing Training Manual Includes seven modules for Trainers who will conduct training courses on Marketing

Horticultural Marketing An introduction to horticultural marketing.

 Farm Business School: Training of Farmers Programme South Asia. A package of training materials intended to inform policy makers, train FBS facilitators and train farmers to improve knowledge, change attitudes and enhance skills toward improved farm commercialization.

For more information on marketing initiatives, strategies and constraints for IPM crops from each programme country click on the links below.