The Asia Pacific Plant Protection Commission

The Plant Protection Agreement for Asia and Pacific Region is an intergovernmental treaty and administered by the Asia and Pacific Plant Protection Commission. The Commission consists of representatives of all member countries and elects amongst them a Chairperson who serves for a period of two years. The Director-General of Food and Agriculture Organization appoints and provides the secretariat that coordinates, organizes and follows up the work of the Commission. The Commission, according to its provisions convenes at least once for every two years and opens for participation to all member countries. For implementation of the Agreement, the Commission has four standing committees, namely:

  • APPPC Standard Committee
  • APPPC Standing Committee on Plant Quarantine
  • APPPC Standing Committee on Pesticide Management
  • APPPC Standing Committee on IPM

The APPPC website provides the space for countries of the Asia and Pacific Plant Protection Commission (APPPC) to exchange information about their plant protection activities including those of plant quarantine, pest management, pesticide management, as well as implementation of international standards for phytosanitary measures (ISPMs) and regional standards for phytosanitary measures (RSPMs).