Tsinghua students interact with IPM alumni farmers in Shunyi, Beijing, 13 March 2018

Tsinghua students met and interacted with FFS IPM Alumni farmers as input to their course work on Farmer Field Schools. The exchange cum field visit were useful for the students in designing an innovative follow up project on innovation of FFS interventions through smart use of ICTs and connecting farmers to markets through use of e-commerce. The field visit was organized with FAO Regional IPM programme support within context of an ongoing 8-week University course on Farmer Field Schools Plus ICTs for Poverty Reduction held at the Tsinghua University campus in Beijing, China P.R., during February - April 2018.

China’s development has entered into a new phase by implementing technology innovation-driven development strategies with the adoption of its 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-2020). In order to boost production scale, develop value chains and improve product safety, the agriculture sector will be upgraded by integrating modern technology using Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Introducing ICT tools and e-commerce strategies in the Farmer Field Schools is envisioned not only to boost productivity but also provide socio-economics benefits to the farmers and constitutes therefore a major playground for innovation to better respond to China’s major SDG to reduce extreme poverty by 2020.

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