Green Beans

Bean varieties such as green peas, French bean and long bean have been planted for their fruits or pods for vegetables in many regions in the world since 6,000 years ago. It is possible to find wild beans everywhere. Bean varieties originated from different places or countries. Green bean originated from Central and East Asia, Northeastern Africa and the Mediterranean. French bean appeared about 8,000 years ago with its origin from Latin American, Mexico, Peru and Colombia. The origin of long bean was found in Southwest China. All these beans are at present planted in many places throughout the world such as Asia, Africa and America.

Based on the botanical characteristics, beans are classified into four groups according to shape, growth characteristics, number of nodes after flowering, height of the plant, and shape of the plant stem. These are the following:

  • Determinate short plant
  • Indeterminate short plant
  • Indeterminate decumbent plant
  • Indeterminate vine plant

Like other vegetables, bean production has many problems. Insect pests and diseases, the major problem, occurs in all bean-growing areas and in every season. They reduce crop yield and reduce the growing area. In addition, because it is seasonal and perishable, the market for beans is one factor that affects crop production.

Beans are planted for their fruits or seeds used as fresh, for frying or making soup or for processing into canned products. Fresh fruits and seeds of beans have high content of vitamins A and C, the latter contained especially in the bean sprout. Furthermore, the sprout also contains other vitamins.

Beans account for 5% of the total vegetable consumption of man. All kinds of beans can be planted in the garden or in small areas to meet family's demands. Part of the fruits harvested from these areas is supplied to local markets.

More information about green beans can be found in the Green Beans Integrated Pest Management: An Ecological Guide.

For more information about the performance of green bean cultivars in relation to agro-ecological conditions, cultivation practices, the occurrence of pests and diseases and timing of the production, search the FAO data base at:

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