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Despite a long history of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) development in Sri Lanka, "Participatory IPM" through FFS started in 1995 with technical and financial support made available by the FAO Regional Rice IPM Programme. Major expansion of FFS training across the major rice growing areas in Sri Lanka took place from 1999 onwards. To capture the impact of IPM-FFS training, several studies were implemented in 2002, showing a 23% increase in yield and a 41% increase of profit from rice cultivation by IPM-FFS graduates. Whereas herbicide use remained unchanged, insecticide use was reduced by 81 %. Rather than burning rice straw and stubbles after harvest, the impact study also revealed that IPM-FFS graduate farmers incorporated rice straw (used by 31% non –IPM farmers but 84 % by IPM farmers) back into the soil. Together with application of manure, this practice helps to improves physical and biological soil properties important for sustainable rice production with reduced inputs of agrochemicals, both pesticides and fertilizers. Return on investments of FFS training interventions showed a recovery rate of over 700%. Whereas evidence of diffusion of IPM among farmer communities in different villages was negligible, the study showed that diffusion of IPM practices among farmers within IPM-FFS communities was considerable. IPM-FFS graduate farmers have also been recognized as quality seed producers and have began testing new planting methods to reduce the reliance on herbicides. Farmers have re-invested profits to set up small agri-bussiness activities such as marketing of pesticide-free rice, purchase of three-wheel taxi, sewing machine, refrigerator for yoghurt preservation and bee keeping for honey production and provision of pollination services. In conclusion, Participatory IPM, promoted through FFS interventions, was found to be decidedly cost effective, sustainable and providing tangible benefits for rice farming communities in rural Sri Lanka.

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