In 2003, an LoA was signed between the FAO Vegetable IPM Programme in Asia and the International Potato Centre (CIP), ESEAP Regional Office in Indonesia to develop potato IPM FFS and ToT models. Building on the already advanced experience in Indonesia, these protocols will serve as the basis for potato IPM development in the Greater Mekong Region countries participating in the FAO Regional Vegetable IPM Program in Asia. Activities implemented within the framework of this LoA during the period 2003-early 2005 included the compilation of ecological production guidelines for potato under tropical mountain conditions, based on validation done by farmers, and the development of potato IPM farmer field school (FFS) learning activities and FFS/ToT curricula to suit these production guidelines. A training of trainers was conducted in collaboration with LPTP2 and World Education Indonesia to pre-test the protocols developed and build up initial trainers’ capacity among the wider network of partner institutions involved in this collaborative work.

Finalisation of LoA activities, especially manual development and report writing, extended into 2006. Follow-up activities by potato IPM ToT alumni varied from formalized, government funded FFS, to practice and demonstration in own field by farmer trainers.


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