Training of Trainers

The ToT is intended to improve participants’ knowledge, attitude and skills in facilitating learning by farmers, in non-formal education processes, the management of quality FFS and follow-up activities, and helping communities to organize and manage farmer-led IPM programmes. The participatory training process is based on the four IPM principles of growing a healthy crop, conserving natural enemies, visiting fields regularly and regarding farmers as experts. The season-long ToT is conducted in a training center with a relatively vast area for conducting field studies.

The ToT curriculum is designed to prepare participants for the responsibility of managing Field Schools and related activities. It includes regular ecosystem observation and analysis, field studies on relevant problems, activities on crop development, insect zoo studies, health and environmental risks of pesticides, management and decision-making, organization and planning, and exercises on facilitation, leadership, problem solving, team building, etc. ToT participants are divided into smaller teams that work in practice-FFS located in nearby villages.

The practice-FFS are attached to the ToT and serve as a laboratory, for which participants plan, evaluate and share their team experience every week in a big group setting. Each group experiences a process of curriculum development and evaluation. Successful field days at the end of the season demonstrate what practice-FFS farmers learn and mirror the quality of the ToT process.

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