Farmer Trainers & Farmer-to-Farmer FFS

Inspired by their initial FFS experience, many IPM-trained farmers are motivated to share what they have learned with other farmers through farmer-led FFS. To prepare them for the task, they need to be sufficiently equipped with good facilitating skills and more advanced organizational and management know-how. The Farmer Training of Trainers (FToT) trains FFS alumni in organizing and conducting Farmer-to-Farmer FFS. The FToT builds teams of experienced Farmer Trainers who augment the pool of trained IPM Trainers from the government.

The season-long FToT begins with a refresher course on organization and setting up of farmer-led FFS. The number of training days is determined by the IPM Trainers depending on the needs of the farmers. The next training phase for Farmer Trainers involves weekly sessions at conducting farmer-led FFS. These weekly sessions consist of (a) insect zoo activities, (b) field study activities, (c) special topics, (d) group dynamics and team building activities, (e) feedback of previous FFS session, and (f) planning and preparation for next FFS session. The training culminates with the conduct of field days in the farmer-led FFS where neighboring farmers, village leaders and elders get a glimpse of the IPM learning process.

Not only does it appear that farmers tend to respond more comfortably with co-farmers in the learning process, the training of farmers as trainers provides impetus to the goal of a farmer-led IPM programmes.

Policy makers, village leaders and media personalities who attend the field days of farmer-led FFS respond favourably to the FFS approach and its achievements. The activity demonstrates that farmers can complement government extension services and that they can be equally competent as their government counterparts as facilitators of learning.

For more information on Farmer Trainers and Farmer-to-Farmer FFS, go to:

A Training of Trainers Course for IPM Farmer Trainers
A summary of more than 30 activities used during a 7-day course for farmer trainers, prepared by Heru Setyoko, 1997 [1 pdf file, 17 pages, 100 kb]

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A report by Zambani of a TOT course in Nepal in May 2000 for IPM farmers who want to become trainers. The document includes details of both the 2-day curriculum development workshop and the 10-day TOT, and includes many photos. [ 1 pdf file, 19 pages, 450 Kb]