Agroecosystem Analysis

In an IPM FFS, facilitators guide farmers in carrying out agro-ecosystem analysis. The process entails small groups of participants collecting data from field studies, discussing the findings, and arriving at a consensus for IPM crop management using the information as the basis for field management decisions. Agro Ecosystem Analysis (AESA) is done weekly following the stages of crop development as to provide in depth knowledge of the crop as well as all the factors that affect it and develop observation skills. Discussions on observations and “what if” scenarios within and between small groups as well as in a bigger group of field school participants encourage critical thinking skills. The process of working in groups fosters team building and is valuable for establishing farmers groups that will continue to work together beyond the field school. The goal of agroecosystem analysis is to develop skills in crop ecology observations and assessment which will assist farmers to make intelligent and sound crop management decisions.

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